A documentary which analyzes the problem with the destruction of nature and its implications on society and culture


The Problem

  1. Up to the 60s


    The land belongs to citizens, who have urban gardens for production of vegetables, fruits and flowers.

  2. In the 60s

    Park Establishment

    During the Socialist regime the gardens are nationalized for the construction of the Bedechka Park. It remains unclear, if the owners get compensated.

  3. 1989 and the beginning of the 90s

    Change of ideologies

    The former owners seek their rights over the sites, but got rejected with the motivations that the area is already a park. According to the law in a place with a realized public project (park, school, street, etc.) lands cannot be given back.

  4. Mid of the 90s

    The Restitution

    In the process of restitution, the city administration returned the sites to their former owners due to forensic expertise claiming that in the green area "no park enterprise happened".

  5. The New Millenia

    Dubious acts

    Part of the owners sells their lands to investors, under whose pressure the municipal administration changes the urban plan. The territory of the park changes from "green" to "development area".

  6. March 2016

    The practical destruction of the park

    Construction in the park Starts. The citizens understand about it no earlier than the entering of bulldozers and construction equipment into the green urban area.

Similar Cases

The case is widespread in Bulgaria and is a symptom of a national problem.

    The Vision

    Strategic Urban Planing for Conflict Resolution

    A "virtuous circle" in which activists engage citizens. Citizens pressure the government. Meanwhile, activists are supported, or vice versa, by the academia.

    The result is the promotion of a common idea and the generation of a petition with potential for greater impact on the authorities.

    Protection Mechanisms

    Sunset over the field

    Social Engagement as a Powerful Tool for the Preservation of Urban Green Areas

    Life in the Jungle

    Humans as Stewards of Nature and not a Disaster to it

    In the Press